voiceOK originals

Original stories for children of all ages.
The elves that saved a Covid Christmas

The story of how a group of elves used their magic and friendship to save a Covid Christmas for families around the world.

The snowman who wants a beach holiday

Imagine being a snowman and never getting to see the sunny beaches of the world, Shiver was one of these snowman until the elves of the North Pole created something, something amazing.

Reindeer Training Academy

Every year nine children from across the world are selected to help train the next generation of Santa’s reindeers but some reindeers don’t want to listen.

Everyone Has Forgotten Jingle Bells

Imagine waking up one morning and all Christmas songs had disappeared from the planet. Well in this story that is just what happens when Holly wished for something she didn’t mean. Now it is mission time to get Christmas music back.

Jungle School

A story of a young boy who feels worried when his mum is late to pick him up from school but when an adventure across a swampy rainforest puts him in front of challenges he gets the strength in himself.

The Croc and the turtle

A story of a Croc who uses his strength and fear to try and dominate the river but is righted by the smallest of creatures. How a calm and relaxed turtle taught the scariest animal in the river a lesson of kindest.

The time traveling sofa

A story of a family who move to a new city and what is a normal museum trip that turns into a sibling adventure through time and space all from a mysterious museum owner.

The Glass Bottle Stories

A story of a granma's love of the world and travel but only from the words and pictures of books. Until she and her grand-daughter travel the world via a story in a glass bottle that will bring the world and the people in it together more than they could ever imagine.