Everyone Has Forgotten Jingle Bells

Imagine waking up one morning and all Christmas songs had disappeared from the planet. Well in this story that is just what happens when Holly wished for something she didn’t mean. Now it is mission time to get Christmas music back.

It was November 10th, and Holly was just starting to get into the Christmas Spirit. Holly is 9 years old, and adores everything about Christmas. She loves the snow, the presents, the colours, but her favorite thing about the Christmas season is the festive music.

On this crisp, Tuesday morning, Holly was getting ready for school. As she ran downstairs to grab her backpack and lunchbox, Holly was singing her favorite Christmas tune, “Jingle Bells”. Her father hears her coming down the stairs and stops her at the base of the stairs.

“Holly, it’s not December 1st yet,” he says sternly. Holly raises an eyebrow. “So?” She asks. “So, that means no Christmas music!” Her dad replies. Holly immediately gets offended. “What?! What do you mean? Christmas music can be enjoyed now because Christmas will be here soon” She argues.

Her dad sighs. “No, Holly. We don’t sing Christmas songs until December 1st”.

The next day, and every day following, Holly sings a new Christmas tune as she’s coming down the stairs. But every day, she is stopped by her parents and told to stop singing until December 1st. After several days, Holly gets so frustrated that she can’t sing Christmas songs, that she yells “I wish you guys didn’t know any Christmas songs so I could sing them all year round!” Before stomping back up the stairs and slamming her bedroom door.

By November 22nd, Holly is now hesitant to sing a Christmas song as her parents keep stopping her. But she doesn’t want to let her fears stop her. So as she’s going down the stairs, she begins to sing “Deck The Halls”. She makes it all the way down the stairs without her family saying something to her. “That’s odd,” she thinks to herself. She walks into the kitchen and hears that her dad is humming to the rhythm of “Deck The Halls”.

“Dad, I thought you said no Christmas songs? Why are you humming a Christmas song?” Holly asks. Her dad looks confused. “What’s a Christmas song?” He asks while raising an eyebrow.

Suddenly, Holly realises that her wish came true. Her family have forgotten all Christmas songs. Holly goes to school that day, and begins singing some of her favourite Christmas songs once again, and everyone in class stares at her.

Abbie, one of Holly’s best friends, says “that it is a cool song, is it new, where did you hear it?”

“What?” She asks. “What are you singing?” Her classmates ask. “I’m singing Jingle Bells...my favourite Christmas song?”. All of her classmates stare blankly at her once again, which made her realise that she was the only one in the entire world who knew about Christmas songs!

At first, Holly is very excited to be the only one to know Christmas songs, as it means she can sing them whenever she wants, wherever she wants, which she does.

Now it is the 1st of December, and the world starts to get into the Christmas spirit, but even though there were decorations in peoples homes and festive food in the shops, there was no Christmas music.

By the 20th of December, Holly felt very lost and upset. The magic of Christmas just wasn’t there like it used to be in the past. Holly knew that she was going to have to bring back Christmas music, but she had to figure out how.

She decides that she is going to combine all of her favourite holiday songs into one big song and release it to the world. The song ended up being over 8 hours long. This felt a bit too long so she took the best line from each song to create 3 minutes of nonstop Christmas fun. Now, the next thing she needed to do was get her song to be heard by people everywhere, but how?

As she was doing research on her computer, she saw an advertisement for a YouTube livestream that was going to be happening on Christmas Eve at a recording studio.  The recording studio was actually quite near her house and would be featuring the biggest band in the world G8T. There were going to be over 10 million people tuning into that livestream, so she knew this was her one and only chance to get people all over the world to love Christmas music.

It is finally Christmas Eve, and Holly enters the recording studio where the livestream was being held. With a memory stick holding her 3 minute megamix Holly sneaks into the recording studio while the employees are on a break. She goes to insert the memory stick into the music system to find there are no sockets and therefore no way to play her music.

She frantically begins to figure out another idea of how all these people can hear Christmas songs. “I've got it” She said with a smile.

She leans into the microphone and begins to sing her songs. Soon, all the people in the studio building were hearing her songs, then people on the street, and even people in their homes were hearing her catchy song.  2 minutes into Holly’s  livestream there were over 10 million people across the world singing Holly’s song. The streets and the air were filled with so much joy and happiness, people were singing aloud, Jingle Bells, Deck the halls and even Rudolph, there hadn’t been this much cheer in weeks!

The next morning, on Christmas Day, Holly wakes up and heads down the stairs in silence. She sees the presents that Santa left her the night before. Walking into the kitchen, Holly hears a familiar sound coming from the radio. She slowly creeps up to it and turns the volume up.

Holly sighs with relief when she realises that the radio is playing “Jingle Bells”. Suddenly, her dad walks into the kitchen and sees her with her ear up to the radio. “Happy Christmas, Whatcha doing, kiddo?” He says with a chuckle. “Oh, nothing. Just listening to my favourite Christmas song! Holly replies.

“This is my favourite song too” Her dad says smiling.

Holly is overjoyed with the fact that the spell is broken and the entire world can enjoy Christmas music again. This meant more to her than any present that was under the tree that morning.

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