Jungle School

A story of a young boy who feels worried when his mum is late to pick him up from school but when an adventure across a swampy rainforest puts him in front of challenges he gets the strength in himself.

“Whoppiieee dooo! It’s 3pm and it is Friday. It’s the WEEKEND!!!!” Bart yelled excitedly... That means school is over! Bart behaves as if he is driving a car through the halls. “Vroom Vroom,” he says as he pretends to drive through the school doors. He parks up (in his imaginary car) at his usual spot, waiting for his mother to pick him up. His best friend Amoy stops as she walks past with her mother, “Would you like a lift home Bart?” asks Amoy’s mum delicately.

“Mom will be here soon, she promised” Bart replies. “Ok, we will see you in the morning Bart” Amoy replies as she scooters off to the car with her mother.Bart waits and waits, a teacher from the school comes to the school doors “Bart your mum is running a little late, she will be here in 20 minutes. Shall we wait inside”.

This is not the first time this has happened, even though Bart knows his mum will pick him up, he wants it to happen quickly. Bart replies to his teacher “No Miss, it is ok I will wait here as she won’t be much longer”. Bart's teacher returns back into the school to her office which luckily overlooks the school entrance.

Time goes on and the end of the school starts to get a little darker. Bart is now getting a little bit tired, he yawns and stretches out his arms and waits. As he sits on the school entrance steps his eyes start to get heavy and his head begins to lower. Bart feels himself falling asleep so he decides to stand up and start pacing back and forth along the front of the school entrance.

After a few laps of pacing Bart hears a noise, is it a car he thinks, could it be mum! But then a floating light shines down on him as the light gets closer the noise gets louder then a voice shouts from the sky “This is king Zack, drone pilot. Please identify yourself”.

Bart’s eyes started to adjust to the bright light and then he could see the drone shape, he reached out to the drone to catch it and then there was a loud “BEEP BEEP”. Bart falls backwards and wakes up, the beep sound was the horn of this mum’s car, as Bart waited he had drifted off to sleep at the school entrance.

“Mommy! What took you so long?!” He bellowed as he got into the car quickly.His mom apologises, “I’m sorry, honey. I got caught up and forgot the time.” “Well, mom, that was quite a while.” “I know, it won’t happen again. Now let’s go home.” But Bart isn’t sure that this won’t happen again, it wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

Bart begins to shiver, and though it is the weekend, he could not get these thoughts out of his head. On Sunday, he reminds his mother over and over again to ensure that she picks him up on time after school. He asks her to set 2 phone alarms and a reminder on her work calendar. “Maybe you should ask the school to remind you too?” Bart asks. His mom laughs, “Honey, I think I have enough reminders in place to remind me not to be a second late.” “Ok, mom,” he hugs her and goes to bed.

As soon as his head touches his pillow, his room changes! There are no walls, no bedside light, no bed? Umpf…Bart almost falls on his head. “Wait, where am I?” He looks around. He sees trees, birds, insects… “Wow, this is definitely not my room or even my home.

Whhooossshhhh, something flies towards him. Bart ducks. His heart beating fast, what a rush! Bart, amazed at this place, is hesitant to believe it is true. Bart pinches himself like he sees characters do in the movies. “Yes, it hurts! It must be real” He walks really slowly, through the darkness. He really needs to get home before his mother realises he isn’t there. He looks around for any sign that indicates which way to go. He enters a path that is lined by trees. It is a bit scary but he braves through it.

He takes his time. Sssssssssssssss! This sound fills Bart with fright. He knows exactly what it is. It is one of his least favourite things! Bart is about to run but remembers that snakes move even quicker when you move. He gulps and when the snake comes close to him he gets superhero strength and uses tree branches to tie up the snake.

SSssssssssssss! The snake says, but this time, Bart isn’t afraid. After making sure the snake could not escape, Bart carries on. “Wow, I have to cross a swamp!” Bart says as he sees what his next challenge is.

He knows he is not the best swimmer. This swamp would probably have him for dinner. Still, he needs to get home, so swim, he must! He gets into the water and does his best, moving his arms and legs in a calm motion before he even realises he is at the other side of the swamp and climbing out.

Bart takes a moment and realises the challenges he has already mastered, the darkness, the snake and the swamp. Bart turns to carry on walking through the jungle, ready to take on anything in his way to get home.

“RING RING RING” Bart jumps up and is back in his bedroom being woken by his school alarm, Bart's mum comes in to open his curtains “right lad, up you get, it is time for school”.

That day he goes to school, walking a little taller, feeling a little brighter, going through his day as if nothing could stand in his way. Even though Bart's jungle adventure was a dream it felt real to him and the courage he used made him feel all the confidence he ever needed.

After school ends, he waits outside school again for his mom to arrive. When his mom finally arrives, she screams, “Honey, honey! I am so sorry, I’m late. I promised I would be on time. But the traf...” But Bart just isn’t scared this time. “Mom, I understand, I know you will pick me up and sometimes you may be a little late.

If I can conquer a snake and a swamp in a jungle, then waiting for you for a few minutes more is no problem at all”. His mother isn’t sure what Bart is talking about, but she’s sure glad to see he is smiling as he gets into the car.

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