The elves that saved a Covid Christmas

The story of how a group of elves used their magic and friendship to save a Covid Christmas for families around the world.

The year was 2020, and the entire world was undergoing a massive pandemic called “Covid-19”, also known as the coronavirus. A virus that was highly infectious in people and that had spread across the world.

However, there was one group of people in particular who could not contract the virus, and they are the elves that work at Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole. These elves have magic in them which prevents them from getting any illness of any kind. That way, they can be healthy all year round for toy making.

With a virus that had made sadness storm all over the planet, happiness and Christmas joy was invisible.The elves were frantically trying to figure out how to restore Christmas cheer all over the world. It was a week before Christmas, and Christmas spirit was at the lowest it had been for centuries.

One day, a group of elves ran up to Santa excitedly. “Santa! Santa! Santa!” they all shouted. Santa chuckled a hearty laugh “Yes?”. “We have an idea!” Pinky the elf said from the back of the group. Santa raised an eyebrow. “Santa! What do you say we elves split up and travel all over the world to help restore Christmas spirit?” Dinky the elf said with a bright smile.

Santa was intrigued and replied “Restore Christmas spirit, hmm? How would you do that?”

“Well, Christmas is all about spreading cheer and being kind!” Goras the Elf states. “Our Christmas spirit meter has been at an all time low.  We need to get it to go up, Santa, We think as elves we should travel across the world and spread some Christmas spirit.”

Santa touches the beard on his chin and thinks for a moment. “I like your suggestion, elves! Christmas is coming very soon, and we need to get people to remember what Christmas is all about!”

Within a few hours, all the elves are packed and ready to set off across the globe. Stepping through the magic portal, each elf waves goodbye to Santa and the reindeer then they are transported, each to a different country.

Goras the elf is transported to England, a country he’s always wanted to visit.  As he steps out of the portal, immediately his jaw drops. “Wow” he says in awe looking at the green hills of the British countryside.

Goras takes out his Christmas spirit compass, a device that points him in the direction of someone or something needing some Christmas spirit. His compass tells him to head east, so that’s exactly what he does.

His compass leads him to a place called Ipswich and the home of an elderly woman named Margery, who is shielding herself due to the virus. He notices that she is playing chess by herself, so he decides to make her feel less lonely and plays chess with her through the window.

Margery is utterly surprised when she sees a tiny elf through her frosted window, but nevertheless, she is overjoyed to play a game with someone. They play for the whole morning shouting moves through the glass “King to Knight 4, Bishop to Rook 3”.

Just after noon Goras’ compass beeps at him, letting him know of someone else in need of Christmas spirit. Before setting off, Goras reaches into his pocket and pulls out some magic dust, he sprinkles it on a piece of wood from the garden and places it by Margery’s front door. The piece of wood turns into a tablet computer and Goras shows Margery how she can play online chess with people from all around the world. Margery is delighted and before Goras leaves she is playing 2 games simultaneously against one person in Japan and another in Brazil.

He heads North to a boarding school where all the children are watching a movie. Once he arrives, all the students ignore this evening's film and they watch him through the window walking across the school grounds. He waves ‘hi’ to them, before entering the headmaster’s offices, and discussing ways to spread cheer across the school.

They come up with an idea, even though the children are within their group bubbles they are missing their friends from other bubbles. So Goras rubs his hands together, stands on one leg and using some elf magic creates an elf themed quiz over zoom. Because the quiz is virtual, the teams can be across their group bubbles, Goras plays host and entertains the children with funny questions, some elf magic and a glimpse inside how things work in the North Pole. Laughter can be heard across the entire school as friends get to team up together and have some fun.

As the quiz finishes Goras heads out to the city to see if he can spot any other people who need some Christmas spirit. He takes a look at the back of his compass, which shows the Christmas spirit meter. Through Goras’ hard work along with the other elves’ hard work across the globe, the spirit meter is definitely going up but not quickly enough and there are only 6 days left until Christmas.

Goras continues his elf mission, he comes across a homeless man living underneath a bridge, and decides to cheer him up. The man at first is wary of the elf until he sees a musical recorder hanging from Goras’ belt. The man does not speak but gestures towards the recorder which Goras hands to him. The man holds the recorder with such honor and joy, the man (Bernard was his name) was once a famous flute player but after some unfortunate decisions and bad luck Bernard fell out of love with music and hasn’t played an instrument in 15 years.

Goras uses some elf magic and turns the recorder into a flute, a tear of joy runs from Bernard’s eye as he plays the first note. Goras and Bernard play and sing Christmas songs throughout the night. By the morning Bernard is playing classic Christmas songs on his new flute in the city center with crowds watching and applauding him.

Next, the compass directs Goras to the south, where he finds a family who are really low in Christmas spirit.   The father of the family has been out of work due to the pandemic for a few months now. Goras feels for the family and has an idea. He learns that the father (Peter) is an experienced tailor, so Goras helps the father start his own Covid-19 mask business. But not just any masks, together they create masks that look like Santa beards when they’re worn. Not only does this business help the family with some much needed money, the view of Santa beards across the country brings more Christmas spirit to people.

Goras spends several days spreading cheer all across the United Kingdom, and by the end of the day on December 23rd, the spirit meter is so close to where the elf wants it to be. Goras knows there is only one thing left to do to max out the meter.

The next day, it was Christmas Eve and time for one last idea, Goras and the other elves across the world used their magic to cause a beautiful snowfall all across the lands. As the clock strikes 7am, the streets are flooded with smiles and cheers as children and adults play in the snow. The Christmas spirit meter is so high Goras is going to need a bigger spirit meter.

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has spread across planet earth, there was one thing that could have outshined it, and that was the joy of Christmas spirit.

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