The snowman who wants a beach holiday

Imagine being a snowman and never getting to see the sunny beaches of the world, Shiver was one of these snowman until the elves of the North Pole created something, something amazing.

It was mid December and the Christmas Season was in high gear. The elves were hard at work, making the last of the toys for Santa, everyone in the North Pole was busy, everyone except  the snowmen. They had finished their duties as snowmen for the year. In particular, Shiver the Snowman had finished all his Christmas duties almost 2 weeks ago and was very very very bored.

There was nothing he could do except wander around and play in the snow. But being made of snow, it didn’t stay exciting for too long. He simply couldn’t wait until the day after Christmas, because that’s when everyone at the North Pole gets to go on their end of Christmas holiday.

Every year the elves go somewhere nice and tropical for their end of Christmas holiday, and the snowmen and penguins go somewhere in the Arctic. The snowmen always go to the Arctic.

Shiver gets upset because he overhears the elves talking excitedly about their holiday to Hawaii this year. Shiver thinks it’s unfair that he can’t go to Hawaii with them because he is a snowman. If he were to travel to warmer climates, he would melt.

Shiver remains sad for a few days as he looks through his photo album of Christmas holidays in the past. Pictures of him in the Arctic, with polar bears, playing in the snow, sitting in the snow, sleeping in the snow. Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow he says angrily and throws the photo album and starts to cry.

A group of elves were having their lunch break and saw Shiver do this. They asked Santa that if they finished their Christmas work early (which they were aiming to) could they work on something special for Shiver. Santa agreed and the elves went to work.

Once the elves finished making all the children’s toys, they worked day and night to create something very special for Shiver. Within a few days, they had come up with the PIBSMC, or Portable Ice Bauble Snowman Container.

The PIBSMC is a portable room that snowmen can take anywhere they want. Once inside, it is below freezing so there’s no chance of the snowman melting, even in Hawaii where there’s warm sun all day long.

The elves present Shiver with his gift, which makes him overwhelmed with happiness “That’s so kind of you” he says to the elves with tear-sicles in his eyes.

“We felt bad that you haven’t been able to enjoy a summer holiday. We hope you like it” One of the elves said with a big grin.

“I love it, thank you so much” Shiver the Snowman says.

Finally, the day Shiver has been waiting for arrives it’s December 26th, Let the holidays begin.

When Shiver awakes, he immediately packs his bags and is sure to not forget the PIBSMC. He arrives at the International Airport of the North Pole, where he awaits to board the North Pole Airways aircraft with all the elves on route to Hawaii.

Several hours later, the plane touches down in Hawaii, and the elves and the snowman get off of the plane. The moment Shiver steps off the plane, he inhales deeply through his carrot nose to smell the fresh, tropical scent of Hawaii. It doesn’t take too long before one of the elves shouts “Shiver your starting to melt”. Shiver opens up his suitcase and takes out the PIBSMC.

He only needs to be inside of it for a few moments for him to freeze back up. Shiver gets to enjoy the sun, sand and sea and all he has to do is jump into the PIBSMC every hour or so to re-freeze. The whole team of the North Pole have a great time in Hawaii, and do all the traditional touristy activities, such as climbing volcanoes, going scuba diving, surfing, and they even attend a Luau.

Shiver was so grateful that he was being included in the elves’ trip to Hawaii, that he thanked them every day and every night with ice lollies that he made when he was inside the PIBSMC. On the flight back home he was surely excited for next year’s holiday. The options were endless, Egypt, Dubai, the Maldives, Australia.

When they all arrive back home in the North Pole, the elves’ desks are piled high with letters and letters. Apparently, word had got out that the elves had created something specifically for snowmen to be able to enjoy warm weather, and every snowman across the globe wanted one.

Each of the elves looked at each other, before immediately getting back to work. It was going to be a long time before every snowman could get their own PIBSMC, but the elves wanted to give them all the chance that they had given to Shiver to enjoy the sun.

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