The time traveling sofa

A story of a family who move to a new city and what is a normal museum trip that turns into a sibling adventure through time and space all from a mysterious museum owner.

It was a hot summer afternoon, and the Johnson family were at the Burchelli Museum. They had just moved to the city of Burchelli a few weeks ago and were exploring all the fun things to do, when they discovered an antique museum that had been there for hundreds of years. The museum consisted of ancient artefacts from countries across the globe.

Kelly and Joseph Johnson were the mom and dad of Emilia, 11 and Harlem, 13. Harlem was a very protective and loving big brother to Emilia. Some say they were more best friends than siblings! They had dreams of travelling the world and accomplishing all their dreams together.

Emilia and Harlem were so excited to be living in a new city where they can experience new and exciting things. When the Johnsons walked through the museum door, wonders big and small surrounded them, making the kids’ jaws drop to the floor. They all walked up to the counter for their parents to pay, there they were greeted by the owner of the museum.

An older gentleman with curly white hair, thick black round glasses and an old gold coin on a silver chain around his neck. Both Emilia and Harlem weren’t really paying any attention to him until they were handed their tickets.

There was something so peculiar about him that fascinated the brother and sister, as the family walked away from the ticket counter he smiled and said, “Remember children, imagination can take you anywhere you want it to, you just have to believe.” Emilia and Harlem became confused. The owner gave them a wink before they began to walk through the huge solid oak museum doors.

As the Johnsons walked through the museum, the kids fell in love with all the old artefacts that lived and breathed through history. “Where should we visit first? Ancient Rome, the dinosaurs, some Viking boats... ” said Dad, both Emilia and Harlem spoke at Dad at high speed,listing all the things they wanted to see, but most of all they wanted to go and explore on their own for a little while. “Ok, kids. Go ahead and explore but stay together,” said Mom. The kids smiled and as they ran off to look around they shouted from the distance “Ok mum, see you in the cafe in an hour!”.

Emilia and Harlem “ooed” and “awed” at every exhibit they saw. The very last exhibit they saw was all about Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was their FAVORITE thing to learn about, Emilia had just finished a project at school all about the pyramids. Time was rushing away and not before long Harlem's watch alarm started to buzz. “Right Emilia, we need to get to the cafe to meet with mum and dad” Harlem said with a slight panic in his voice.

Emilia led the way out of the exhibit though via a strange staircase, “It’s quicker this way to the cafe based on the map” Emilia said. As they left through a grey metal door on the west side of the room, Harlem spotted a gold coin on the floor. “Whoa, what’s this?” He said while picking it up. “It looks Ancient” exclaimed Emilia, “What are you doing?? DROP THAT!!” A worker from the museum shouted. The kids panicked, they were already late to meet their parents and now they were going to be in trouble with the museum too.

“RUN!” Harlem shouted as they ran away from the worker. Emilia and Harlem kept running until they saw two doors that led to the very back of the museum, losing the worker they stopped for a moment to catch their breath.

The backroom consisted of old, broken museum items, out of season artefacts and displays that were to be soon to be displayed. What struck them the most, was a bright red elegant looking sofa placed in the middle of it all. “Good I think we lost him!” Harlem said while looking at the palm of his hand. “Hey, Em. Look at this!” He pointed at the gold coin. As she studied it, they now realised it was a real, an authentic gold coin from Egypt. “That’s so cool!” They both said in unison.

“Harlem, I’m going to sit down for a second to catch my breath,” Emilia says while they both take a seat on the vintage looking sofa. As Harlem sat down he flicked the coin in the air, the light of the old overhead lamp reflected its gold shimmer across the room. Their bottoms hit the sofa cushions as the dust propelled into the air creating a light mist. As the coin fell through the air Emilia leaned over Harlem to catch it. “Got it!” she declared victoriously, though the second the coin touched her fingers, she was overwhelmed by a failing feeling and then both their vision went black.

When they opened their eyes, they felt a hot, blazing wind scorch their faces. Startled, Harlem stood up. “Emilia! What happened??” He said with a frightened tone. He helped Emilia stand up before they both turned around to see themselves at the foot of an ancient pyramid and the sound of people talking and working.The siblings gasped. “How did we get here?? What do we do??” Harlem said. “I don’t know, but all I know is that….. this is amazing!” She replied. Emilia was, of course, scared and confused but also excited.

They look behind them to see the sofa was there too. “Well, what are we waiting for?!” Emilia said while grabbing her brother's hand. They ran off to get a closer look at the pyramids.“Excuse me, who are you?” Someone taps Harlem on the shoulder. They both turn around to see a dark-skinned teenager in Egyptian clothing. “Hi! My name is Jabari,” he says to them. “Hi! I’m Harlem and this is my sister Emilia. It’s so cool you get to live here in Ancient Egypt!” Jabari raises an eyebrow. “Ancient? Why, this is the present day! The pharaoh is not too far from here and the pyramids were just completed. What do you mean by ancient?”

Harlem and Emilia look at each other with their jaws dropped. “I think we just...time travelled,” Harlem whispers to his sister. “Time travelled? I don’t understand,” Jabari still seems confused. “Is there anything I can do to assist you?” Jabari says. Harlem and Emilia smirk at each other.

Jabari spends the remaining daylight hours showing the two time travellers around Egypt and teaching them about their customs. He even helps them make Egyptian outfits and jewellery to wear!

It became dark and the time travellers realised they needed to make their way back to the present day. Jabari walks them to the magical sofa and says his goodbye. “We’ll come back and visit when we can!” Emilia says while giving their new friend a hug.

The two pull out the coin and sit down on the sofa, everything goes black again and they are transported back to present day. They burst through the back doors of the museum to the cafe where their parents are. “There you are! We were just about to order some lunch, what would you like?” Dad says. Emilia and Harlem don’t even realise that their parents aren’t mad at them having been away all day time travelling, as for what felt like a day for Emilia and Harlem was seconds in the present day to mum and dad.

“Mom! Dad! You’ll NEVER guess what we discovered!” Emilia says.

-a few hours later-

“Alright boss, that’s everyone!” The worker says to the museum owner before locking the doors. “Goodnight, sir!” said the museum owner, as the worker turns around to leave he says “I am really sorry Sir but I couldn’t find your gold coin anywhere around the museum today, I and the team will look again tomorrow”.

The museum owner smiled with the reply “I am sure it will turn up in the morning, don’t worry about the alarm tonight I will set it”. They wave goodbye and part ways from the museum.

“I think they’re gone,” Mom whispered as the entire family stepped out from behind a giant renaissance painting.

After Emilia and Harlem had told their parents all about the coin, the sofa and the time travelling. Mum and dad didn’t know what to believe until the children showed them the sofa and what it could do.

The family all then agreed that they would enjoy this gift for one night, so they hid from the employees at the end of the day. They spent the whole night going back and forth through time, running around the museum to find artefacts that would take them through time and space.

The Johnson family visited places all over the world, they got to see what life was like with dinosaurs, watched battles in Ancient Rome, and even spoke with Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare!

As the sun began to rise, the museum owner came to unlock those large oak doors for another day and as he predicted, on the ticket counter was his gold coin with a note “your imagination can take you anywhere but so can a sofa”.

Upon returning home Harlem turned on his computer to check this week's school homework, “what was it like to live with the dinosaurs? Describe a day in prehistoric times.” Harlem smiled and started typing.

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